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Vibrate Higher

Self Mastery Course


Tools & Transformational techniques to 

shift into Bliss

Vibrate Higher is a mastery course carefully curated by Michelle Smith and Ashley Naungayan. You will gain support, tools, techniques, and guidance to drop any limiting stories and access your true power on a consistent basis. Learn to create your own rituals and integrate all the knowledge you possess in a way that is practical in a modern world, and feels wonderfully authentic!

This is not an introductory course. This is more than self reflection and beyond self care. This is for individuals who have been doing the work, continue to do the work, and are looking to connect with others and be accountable in this process. If you’ve been to any of our full moon gatherings, this immersive 6 part course will take you even deeper.

                                                       We will be gathering in sacred circle. You will be held in a space of unconditional love and                                                           acceptance as you uproot anything in your way through this alchemical journey of                                                                         healing and release.




Dates (expected gathering time 3-4 hours):
• New Moon, August 12 @ 3:33pm
• Full Moon, August 26 @ 3:33pm
• New Moon, September 9 @ 3:33pm
• Full Moon, September 23 @ 3:33pm
• New Moon, October 4 (Scheduled one-on-one ritual call)
• Full Moon, October 28 (SWEAT LODGE! All day.)

This course is being offered at $333!

Enroll today for $100 off! 

Includes all gathering dates, Goddess Day-Retreat, all materials and supplies, access to an exclusive online forum, and Sweat Lodge field trip!

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