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A Seasonal Look at The Spice of Yoga

It’s sweatshirt weather and with that, in our part of the world, comes certain expectations. We know Starbucks is coming out with their pumpkin spice latte, we know we will start making plans for the holidays and receiving invitations to many events. The weekends start to book up and our yoga might take the back burner. Well for some people. I want to help you put your yoga on the platter for the holiday season. It can be your main gift, your way to show gratitude, and your way to celebrate. When we look at the roots of yoga, we find it is deliciously flavored with the flavors that we all love in the holidays, warmth, love, togetherness and celebration of the human spirit. I encourage you to check out a movie in theatres now called ‘Awake: The Life of Yogananda’ for some inspiration to keep practicing through the holidays and maybe listen to the audio book called ‘The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’ on YouTube. This will help unwrap the essence of yoga in a new way to you that can help to root the practice into your palate of preference.

I find myself more deeply connected in conversations at social gatherings when I have done my yoga because well for one the energy is able to flow through the meridians so I feel better, and two, it gives me a fountain of energy to share. I show my gratitude by inviting my loved ones to class or having a special class with them in a tranquil setting. You can really bond with loved ones staring into their eyes when you’re upside in prasarita giggling at how tight their hamstrings are. No but seriously in the sacred moments at the end of class, the stillness and the quietness that so often escapes the holidays is found, and to share that with those you care about most can truly deepen your relationship in a healthy way.

Why not make it a new family tradition to get to the yoga studio with the whole family? We won’t make you do handstands if you bring your granny, unless she wants to of course! But when it comes time to give gifts and ‘presents’ I find it best to think differently about how we give because what most people want is some relaxation and peace of mind, they want to be present and not receive one. Maybe it’s buying the ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ or another book that will help them on their spiritual path. Maybe it’s just an approach to the holidays of sharing with your loved ones your transformational journey on the mat, your discovery of peace and A-hah moments that changed your outlook.