Holistic Wellness Fair

Saturday, September 24 at 1 PM - 4 PM

Come celebrate the launch of our new studio name, with a Holistic Wellness Fair! We have an amazing line up of vendors from the local community. From an essential oil bar, herbalists, henna artists, tarot card readings, handmade jewerly, to natural skincare. We are thrilled to offer a wide variety of products, services, and experts to help you on your journey towards greater health and wellbeing! This event is free, open to the public, and family friendly. All are welcome!

Vendor LineUp

Amy Carver - DoTerra Essential Oils

Arvindjeet Kaur - Henna

Ashley Naungayan - Crystal Jewerly

Christian Reid - Yoga with Sound

Danielle Kasen - Tarot Readings

Danielle began working as a professional in Theatre Arts by acting, writing, producing, directing and choreographing in both NYC and LA. Her strong intuition was super helpful while working, studying and writing any character analysis. Her background in theatre arts brought her to a University teaching position in Guilin, China where (in addition to teaching), she studied Mandarin, Buddhism, Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It was then that Danielle really wanted to help people in the Holistic field. After 4 years in China and traveling all over Asia, she returned to the US and began studying Holistic Nutrition and working with 3 incredible healers/readers, 2 of which informed her that her intuition came from past lives of doing tarot readings. That was when Danielle decided to start studying Tarot in this life as well. Within just a few months, she picked up multiple clients and continues to read for her friends/family on a daily basis.

Dylan Phoenix - Human Design Reading

Harmony Peterson - Natural Cosmetics

Jazmine Vincenty - Sound Healing

Jennifer Bischoff - Midnight Makery

Linnie Nguyen - Apricity












APRICITY ALQUIMIE is an artisanal art, cosmetics, and gifts retailer of mindfully made products. We offer a range of specialized skincare, body care, and cosmetics goods made by hand in small batches to ensure freshness and exceptional quality. In addition, we also create other handcrafted items! We currently curate, showcase, share, and integrate creations by other artists and crafters (who we refer to in-house as "alchemists"). The works of these featured alchemists are sold on a consignment agreement with Apricity: The works are created and owned by the creator and sold by Apricity. Collectively we are alchemists who handcraft items you enjoy! APRICITY is privately held and headquartered in Orange County, California.

Stephanie Dieppa - Herban Womban






My passions in life are holistic health, beauty, and alining myself with the innate essence of the earth. These are the driving forces behind the creation of The Herban Womban. I use only the highest quality ingredients and hand make all of my products in small batches to ensure that each one is crafted to perfection. My mission is to bring you quality organic products that are good for you and the earth, so that you can feel good about what's going in your sacred temple.

Stephanie Thompson - Skin Matter



My journey into wellness began seven years ago, when I moved to Montana to work on a backcountry trail crew; I wanted to be closer to nature and rediscover the ferocity and strength of my femininity. I learned that when you strip away the falsities of conveniance, it becomes very easy to find beauty within yourself -through grace, vibrancy, and good health. I moved to Colorado in 2011 and studied massage and bodywork at Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado and began a personal education in holistic nutrition and plant-based cooking. Upon returning to California, I made the decision to follow a different fork in my path, and pursue Esthetics training. I graduated with Honors from GoldenWest College's esteemed Esthetics program while working towards a Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition. With my continued education in the sciences, herbalism, and traditional Eastern medicine and a solid foundation of biology and histology of the skin, I focus on teaching optimum health as optimum beauty- internal. external, spiritual, and emotional. Facial treatments always include some discussion about diet, and I specialize in treating clients with chronic skin conditions and disorders. Let me help you find the wonderment of your true and natural beauty. 

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