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Ashley’s love for yoga started in 2009 with a desire to start meditating. Ashley feels yoga has given her the tools for self-discovery, personal growth, acceptance, & mostly a connection to a more conscious way of living. Ashley’s completed both her 200 hour & 500 hour yoga teacher training under, world renowned Noah Mazé. She has studied various yoga philosophy courses under Dr. Douglas Brooks, Noah Maze, and completed courses in prenatal yoga with Jessica Jennings, under MaYoga certification program. When she’s off the mat; Ashley enjoys connecting with nature, traveling, snuggling with her pups, gardening, designing, and sharing holistic health and wellness tips. Ashley is a holistic educator, inspiring people to find a more natural approach to caring for themselves and their families. She teaches classes on how reduce our toxic load and how to use essential oils to heal ourselves naturally. As for yoga, she believes we reveal our true selves in our practice and our practice will pour into our everyday life. Ashley strives for a more therapeutic approach when teaching yoga. She designs her classes with alignment techniques to help enhance poses; she uses props to make the seemingly undoable completely accessible for anyone. She specializes in Intro to yoga courses and works well with modifications and hands on adjustments for those who may have physical limitations. She loves to share yogic philosophy, and reminds her students to stay connected with their breath, tune into their bodies, and reconnect with their heart, ultimately to find our true self.

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